Going to the Vet with the Whole Family?

Were you aware that your veterinarian caters to a wide array of animals, beyond just cats and dogs? At Hudson’s Veterinary Hospital Inc., your diverse pets, whether they're adorned with fur or feathers, can access a comprehensive range of medical services.

Having a reliable veterinary resource close to home is crucial, especially since many exotic species are particularly sensitive to temperature fluctuations and the stress associated with long car journeys. Moreover, these animals often conceal signs of illness, meaning diseases can be quite advanced by the time they're detected, making travel even more risky. Whether it's a lizard, bird, or mouse requiring attention, certain transport guidelines should be followed:

  • Adjust your vehicle's temperature to suit your pet and shield them from drafts.
  • Maintain a tranquil environment by lowering the radio volume, avoiding loud conversations, and driving smoothly.
  • Upon arrival at the hospital, keep your pet distanced from others. We'll promptly arrange an examination room.

Your visit might be for your pet's annual check-up or due to a new health concern. It's crucial NOT to clean your pet’s cage before your appointment. Their habitat contains valuable insights. Observing your pet in its familiar surroundings and having access to its waste can be critical for our assessment.

The physical examination is usually swift to minimize stress. Our goal is to be as efficient as possible to keep the stress levels low. Sometimes, a complete physical examination isn't feasible in one visit. Allowing your pet time to adjust and planning for a follow-up visit may be necessary.

In instances where stress levels are concerningly high, we may opt to sedate or anesthetize your pet for certain procedures. Advanced diagnostics and treatments, including blood tests, X-rays, ultrasonography, and surgery, are readily available and frequently recommended. Given that physical exams can be less informative for pets other than dogs and cats, these additional tests are often crucial.

We offer tailored medications for your pet, from injectables for your turtle to fruit-flavored antibiotics for your rabbit.

For further details, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.