Senior Care

Offering specialized support for your pet during their golden years.

The experience and wisdom of your loyal companion are celebrated with special attention. At Hudson Animal Hospital, we understand the specific needs of older animals, and we are committed to providing attentive and personalized care to ensure a fulfilling life for our beloved seniors.

What specific services do you offer for senior pets?

We offer a comprehensive range of services dedicated to aging pets including regular health examinations focused on age-related needs, tailored nutritional plans to support geriatric health, moderate exercise programs to maintain mobility, and individualized geriatric care. Our proactive approach aims to quickly identify and address age-related health issues, ensuring a maximum quality of life for our beloved senior companions.

What are common signs of aging in pets?

Common signs of aging may include decreased energy levels, changes in eating behaviour, decreased mobility, unexplained weight loss or gain, dental issues, alterations in coat texture, diminished vision or hearing, and the development of chronic conditions such as arthritis. However, these signs can vary from one animal to another. Regular veterinary examinations are crucial to identify these changes and develop a care plan tailored to the specific needs of your aging pet.

What advice can you give to improve the quality of life for my senior pet?

Adjustments in diet, appropriate exercise, regular check-ups, and careful attention to signs of pain or discomfort can significantly improve the quality of life for your senior pet. We will provide personalized advice for each situation.

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