Orthopedic Services

Diagnosis and treatment of arthritis, hip dysplasia, cruciate ligament rupture, and more.

At Hudson Animal Hospital, our orthopedic services focus on making sure your pet can move well. Find out how our veterinary team, by combining expertise and compassion, brings happiness back to your loyal companions with personalized orthopedic care.

What orthopedic issues do you treat in your clinic?

In our clinic, we address a comprehensive range of orthopedic issues including expert management of fractures, dislocations, ligament injuries, and degenerative conditions such as arthritis. Our team is committed to providing exceptional surgical care and tailored solutions for each situation, aiming to restore mobility and ensure an active life for your pet.

How do I know if my cat or dog has an orthopedic problem?

Early detection of orthopedic issues is crucial for effective treatment. Be attentive to signs such as limping, joint stiffness, difficulty getting up or climbing stairs, a change in behaviour during physical activity, or reluctance to play. If you observe any of these signs, a thorough veterinary examination is necessary. Imaging diagnostics such as X-rays may be recommended to accurately assess the orthopedic condition.

How can I help prevent orthopedic problems in my pet?

Orthopedic issues in pets can be prevented by maintaining a healthy weight, encouraging appropriate physical activity, and ensuring a safe environment. Regular veterinary exams are essential for early detection, ensuring proper management. Consult our team for personalized advice on orthopedic prevention.

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