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We understand that the heart of your loyal companion is at the center of your love. Our veterinary cardiology service offers advanced expertise and attentive care to diagnose and treat cardiac conditions. Entrust us with your animal's heart health, where expertise meets compassion for a healthy heart.

What symptoms may indicate a heart problem in my pet?

Symptoms of a heart problem in an animal include sudden fatigue, persistent cough, difficulty breathing, exercise intolerance, and abdominal or limb swelling. If you observe any of these signs, promptly consult your veterinarian for a thorough cardiac examination. Early detection is crucial for effective management of heart issues and improving the quality of life for your pet.

What treatments are available for heart problems in animals?

Treatments for heart problems in animals depend on the specific diagnosis and severity of the condition. Common options include medication administration, dietary adjustments tailored to heart health, and, in some cases, surgical interventions. Medications may include diuretics to reduce fluid buildup, inotropes to strengthen heart contraction, and vasodilators to facilitate blood circulation. Specialized diets may also be recommended to manage heart disease. Surgical interventions, such as correcting congenital anomalies or repairing defective valves, may be considered in certain situations. Treatment is always tailored individually to each animal, and regular monitoring is essential to adjust the care plan based on the progression of the cardiac condition.

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