Adopting an animal brings joy, companionship and a loving home to an animal in need.

Discover unconditional love by adopting your new companion at Hudson Animal Hospital. Each animal eagerly awaits to share its affection and joy with a loving family. Let us be the bridge that connects you to a lifelong friendship – explore our adoption service today and provide a forever home for an adorable companion.

What animals are available for adoption at Hudson Animal Hospital?

Our adoption service features a variety of animals, including dogs, cats, small rodents, and sometimes even birds. Each animal is carefully assessed to ensure a harmonious match with its future family.

Are the animals spayed or neutered before adoption?

Yes, all our animals are spayed or neutered before adoption. This practice aligns with our commitment to responsible animal population management and contributes to ensuring the well-being of every animal we place in a new family. Pre-adoption sterilization is an essential measure to promote a healthy animal population and reduce the risk of unwanted reproductions. You can welcome your new friend with confidence, knowing that all precautions have been taken to ensure a smooth transition to their new home.

Are there fees associated with adopting an animal?

Yes, moderate adoption fees may apply to help cover the costs of veterinary care, sterilization, and other services provided to the animal before adoption. However, these fees contribute to supporting our mission of aiding other animals in need.

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