Bringing The Whole Household To The Vet?

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Did you know that your veterinarian provides care for all animals, not just dogs and cats? Your other pets, whether they have hair or feathers, have access to a variety of medical services that are available here at Hudson’s Veterinary Hospital Inc.

It is important to have a good medical resource nearby because most of these species are very sensitive to temperature changes and stress that can be caused by a long drive. In addition, most of these patients hide the symptoms of their disease. They are therefore often at an advanced stage of the disease when we realize it, which has the effect of making perilous a long hike by car. Whether it is your lizard, your bird, or your mouse that is sick, some transport rules apply.

  • Take care to adjust the temperature of your car and isolate your pet from drafts
  • Promote a calm atmosphere by reducing the sound of the radio, avoiding lively discussions and driving as calmly as possible
  • When you arrive at the hospital, keep your pet away from others. We will do what is necessary to quickly find an examination room.

Your visit to the hospital is probably related to the annual examination of your pet, or related to an emerging disease. Before going to see us, it is imperative NOT to clean the cage of your companion. A significant amount of information is inside your pet’s habitat. It is also important for us to be able to observe it in its usual environment. In addition, it gives us access to the feces and the urine often necessary in the continuation of the examination.

Physical examination of the animal is often done quickly, minimizing handling to reduce stress. We try every time to be as effective as possible again to minimize the stress factor. Sometimes it is impossible to complete the physical exam the first time. Allowing the animal to cope with stress is important, and a subsequent re-examination is often required.

In some cases we will choose to calm (sedate) or anesthetize your pet to perform certain procedures if the level of stress seems too high. Blood tests, X-rays, ultrasonography and surgery are available and are often indicated. The physical examination being much less revealing than in the dog and the cat, these complementary tests are often used.

There are medicines that are right for your pet, be it injections for your turtle, or antibiotics with fruit flavours for your rabbit.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.