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    Your pet is part of your family, which is why we offer the best services.

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    In an added effort to provide your pet with quality care, we offer pet dental services in our veterinary office.

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    Innovating with love and expertise for 50 years

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    Pet food, supplements, and treats

Our company

Innovate for 50 years, with love and know-how.

Our  MISSION : The Hudson Veterinary Hospital Inc. prides itself in providing personalized, high caliber veterinary care to its clientele, serving the western region of Montreal and surrounding areas. With numerous areas of expertise, the team dedicates itself to compassionate care of its patients by first establishing a trusting partnership with its clients. Our VALUES : Our Corporate Values are:Innovation. The team makes it a priority to remain at the cutting edge of knowledge and...

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musculoskeletal system




Help us keep your pet healthy by bringing him or her in for regular exams and vaccinations. Dogs and cats (and other pets) age far faster than people, so significant changes in your pet's health can happen in a short time.

General medicine

One of the top health problems affecting companion animals is dental disease. You can trust HVH with your pet's mouth. We offer complete scaling under anesthesia, removing tartar on the tooth and under the gumline, polishing, antiseptic treatment, digital dental X-rays and tooth extractions.


We can provide nutritional counselling, health assessments, grooming assistance, sexing, medical and surgical services, and annual physicals


Medicine is constantly evolving and perfecting. At Hudson Veterinary Hospital, we aim to give our patients the best by staying on the cusp of new developments. As a result, we now offer selected surgical interventions using thermofusion technology.

Breeding Services

In offering reproductive services, our goal is the same as yours - to help breed a healthy, happy litter. But, sometimes breeding naturally just isn't in the cards.

Urgent Care

Please call our office the moment an accident happens. When given notice before you and your pet arrive, we can prepare for all services that might be necessary.

Our boutique

The right food can make a big difference in your pet's health. That's why we offer a wide variety of therapeutic diets for all life stages and disease conditions. We also carry supplements for general wellness and for acute and chronic disease conditions.


  • We fulfill all of your pet's needs here at Hudson Veterinary Hospital. If your pet is in need of a bit of pampering, we offer grooming at the clinic.


  • Acupuncture is the traditional Chinese medicine of inserting thin metal needles into various areas of the body, stimulating key anatomical points. It can be used to aid sedation, manage pain, supplement surgical procedures, or it can be a therapy on its own.




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Cats like humans are likely to be stressed, and that's never a good thing. A cat exposed to stress continuously for long periods of time may demonstrate behavioral changes, may stop eating, and even suffer from health problems.Here are some of the causes of stress, and how to fix it.A cat is a...... read more

Poisons !

There are many substances in your home that are dangerous or even toxic to your dog. In the following lines, we will go through all ten products at the top of this list of dangerous products.1) The chocolateEveryone seems to know that chocolate is a dangerous food product for your dog. Chocolate...... read more
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Most people would say that they understand dogs much better than cats. There is still a lot of myths surrounding our hairy friends. Today we are looking at six of our dog friends.Giving garlic to your dog prevents fleas and intestinal wormsGarlic does not prevent fleas or worms from attacking...... read more

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