Animals age faster than humans. Their lives and illnesses progress rapidly. Our veterinary clinic offers annual health exams in the Vaudreuil-Soulanges region, which help detect disease, which in turn facilitates treatment before it becomes unmanageable. They also allow to discuss the perspectives concerning the health of the animal and to ask questions about existing diseases. Before the visit, it is important to observe the presence of any changes in the animal, such as vomiting, diarrhea, cough, change in weight, excessive thirst, increased aggression. If the animal shows any of these symptoms or develops abnormal behaviour between two annual check-ups, it is important to notify the veterinarian

During the routine examination, we can proceed to:

  • Complete examination of teeth
  • Complete physical examination
  • Heartworm test
  • Laboratory tests (blood, urine / stool, parasite assessment)
  • X-rays
Examination of puppies and kittens 

Puppies and kittens do not have a fully developed immune system and therefore have a high risk of suffering from a disease or parasitic infection . During the routine examination , important information is recorded. Depending on the age of the animal, we can also carry out laboratory examinations in order to have a comparative table for the following appointments. The animal is thoroughly examined for the presence of bloating or pain , and the joints are also observed to observe the animal’s ability to move . 

full examination is recommended when acquiring a new pet to detect any existing disease , and to begin treatment promptly . 

Examination of adult animals 

A bit like in the case of young animals , our veterinarians do a complete examination of the animal to detect the presence of bloating or pain , and we also observe the joints to observe the animal’s ability to move. If any abnormalities are found , lab tests or x – rays may be needed. It is also important to discuss the animal’s diet since it plays a crucial role in maintaining good health . Owners are encouraged to discuss nutrition with the veterinarianto determine if it is necessary to change the animal’s eating habits . 

Senior Pet Exams

Older animals require more care than other animals . They are more likely to suffer from age- related illnesses than others. It is therefore recommended to have them examined twice a year, and to carry out full laboratory tests once a year. During the examination, the veterinarian records information and examines the internal organs , as well as the joints , to detect abnormalities or pain in the animal . Contact us today to make an appointment for an animal health exam.