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Meet the dedicated and compassionate team at Hudson Animal Hospital.


In her childhood, it was remarkable that in the company of animals Manon completely forgot about the human presence. Towards adolescence her interest in science, biology and physiology became clear, medicine was where she would go.

Veterinary medicine was therefore the perfect symbiosis between her interest in medicine and her love of animals. Graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Saint-Hyacinthe in 1993. She has been practicing in Hudson since that time and has owned it there since 1994.

The quality of the clients to be served here for 20 years has allowed him to push his knowledge and skills. These days are always stimulating and filled with challenges that allow him to keep the flame of his profession alive. Attached to her patients and clients, Dr Flynn is very fortunate to have found such a rewarding career from both a human and professional point of view and thanks heaven for guiding her on this path. For her, there is no greater happiness than being able to earn a living by exercising the most beautiful profession in the world surrounded by a motivated and passionate team.

She practices soft tissue surgery, internal medicine, oncology, cardiology and reproduction. Persistent, she is recognized for her diagnostic skills. She was also one of the first general practitioners to receive specialized training in ultrasound in 1993. She was also one of the first general practitioners to treat cases of chemotherapy in Quebec before the arrival of veterinary oncologists. She is certified in acupuncture. She uses and integrates her skills in acupuncture and osteopathy in her daily life to help her patients with great success. There is no greater satisfaction for her than being able to improve the condition of her patients and to see them melt with well-being under her hands!

She divides her time between her practice and her family. She has two children, a dog and two cats. In her spare time, she enjoys the outdoors by Nordic and downhill skiing, skating, camping, hiking and mountain biking and swimming. She is constantly looking for beautiful landscapes and resource in nature.


Like many children, Amanda was drawn to animals. Her parents knew that her career would be in this field when the house became a refuge for all the little critters (rabbits, rodents, birds) in distress that crossed her path and with whom she could have conversations for hours.

Her journey to medicine was long. She started with a BACC in biochemistry. It was during her master’s degree, while working on a thesis on the influence of estrogen on depression that she realized she was not on the right path. She then began her doctorate in veterinary medicine at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Saint-Hyacinthe. Since her graduation she has been practicing medicine for small animals and exotic species including birds, rodents, rabbits, ferrets and reptiles. She has strong knowledge in parasitology since in addition to her work as a clinician, she holds a part-time teaching position at the Saint-Hyacinthe Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in parasitology.

Her areas of interest are preventive and internal medicine, soft tissue surgery, and behavior. Her passion for her profession is driven by the valuation she derives from the help she provides to people in their desire to preserve and optimize the relationship they cherish with their pets. Her household keeps warm with her little boy, her 2 dogs and her 3 cats.



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Bridget is an animal health technician who graduated from the animal health program at Vanier in 1994.

Her parents bred Shelties and Bridget spent her formative years competing in dog shows. In 1992, Bridget started her first veterinary-related job at the Pierrefonds Veterinary Hospital.

Since the age of 4, she gladly accompanied her parents on visits to the vet with their dogs.

Bridget took some time off, to travel to the United States and Europe while raising her family. She is happy to be back in a job she loves. She joined the team at Hudson veterinary hospital inc. in 2013, and it was with enthusiasm that she took on the task of obtaining Cat Friendly Pratice accreditation for the hospital.

She has lived with her husband for 19 years, their three daughters and many animals. In her spare time, she enjoys boating, traveling and spending time at her daughters’ sporting events.



Heidi grew up surrounded by horses and it was her love of animals that led her to Vanier College for the Animal Health course.

Graduated in 2011, she has been working at the Hudson Veterinary Hospital ever since.

It is the interesting cases seen here that stimulate her intellect but it is the loving and compassionate animal care they provide that fills her heart and gives her the satisfaction of a good day’s work.

Heidi is originally from Hudson and still resides there. She shares her life between her 2 cats Sir Amadeus and Sam as well as with her 2 dogs Brutus and Frankie. In her spare time she never misses an opportunity to ride a horse and has recently started taking obedience classes with her dog Brutus and would like to start competing with him if she is able to keep up!



Mélanie grew up surrounded by animals, working on the family farm from a young age her passion for animals developed very early on. Lover of horses and pets, she enrolled in the veterinary care technique program at Collège Boréal d’Alfred. She graduated in 2010 very excited to start a new adventure in her new profession.

Now a technician for 9 years, her dedication to patients and clients is still present. It is the desire to work in a clinic which in addition to traditional care practices specialized treatments such as orthopedic surgery, reproduction, oncology and alternative medicine that attracted him to the Hudson Veterinary Hospital and she likes it a lot.

She has been sharing her life with her husband for 8 beautiful years, they have 2 little girls aged 2 and 3 who keep them very busy. But she always tries to save some time for Zoe her 6 year old Boston Terrier who she never gets tired of.





Stéphanie grew up on a small farm. The cat has always been her favorite animal and her love of dogs has grown over the years. She decided to become a veterinary care technician after adopting her dog Monsieur Lucky. A student at Collège Boréal, she graduated in 2013.

Since September 2017, she has been part of the team. She loves the variety of different cases they deal with. She loves doing techniques such as blood tests and the various analyzes required to detect animal health problems.

During her free time, she teaches Zumba and does some grooming. She loves spending time with her partner and family.


Technician Assistant

Meet Julie-Anne and her chameleon Cairo. As far as she can remember she was crazy about animals. At the age of 16, she was finally allowed to adopt her first dog: Suki. His dog over time has become his best friend.

After graduating as a technician, she worked in a clinic for 3 years, then 14 years in the laboratory.

Now she has decided to return to her first love: veterinary medicine as an assistant technician. When not at work, she shares her home with her wonderful husband and beautiful baby girl and of course with a household full of pets? 5 geckos, 2 chameleons, 2 cats and three dogs.


Technician Assistant

Passionate about horseback riding from a very young age, she graduated from the Equine program at Humber College. She continued her studies this time at McGill University and obtained her baccalaureate in Wildlife Resources. She becomes responsible for mammals and birds at the Ecomuseum. Following the birth of her child, she works for Hagen and helps produce videos for the Hari Institute’s education program.

Back to work, she was hired as an assistant technician. Suzanne is very happy to have the opportunity to learn new facets of animal care at Hudson Veterinary Hospital, as their practice is so broad. She loves the team and the friendly and professional atmosphere of the clinic staff. Her cat Pumpkin is satisfied in the arms of his mistress.


Technician Assistant


Technician Assistant


Technician Assistant


Operations Manager



Elizabeth started working at the Hudson Veterinary Hospital as a receptionist in 2012. Daughter of a veterinarian and a farmer, she has always been surrounded by domestic and farm animals. She has two ‘morkies’ named M&M yes, yes like candy, and Mookie.

What she loves the most about her job is that it allows her to meet people who are passionate about animals just like her. Surrounded by a great team always ready to face new challenges. The challenges make her want to come to work because every day is different at the hospital and it keeps her interested.

She also loves the devotion of the team. Although the schedule may be full, the team will do their best to accommodate emergencies. Everyone is extremely compassionate and will often put their own lives on hold to work longer and harder, to provide the best care possible to furry friends in need. 



Melisa has been a part-time receptionist for 2 years now. She is currently a student at Concordia University in Physiotherapy. From a young age Melisa has always loved being around animals and that is why she loves working at the Hudson Veterinary Hospital. However his passion for gymnastics led him to another field.

In her spare time, Melisa enjoys being physically active, hiking in nature, and spending time with family, friends and lover. Additionally, she owns a cat named Lil Jo.