Welcome to Hudson Animal Hospital

Providing Vaudreuil-Dorion with innovative care for over 60 years, with love and know-how.

We pride ourselves in providing personalized, high calibre veterinary care to our clientele. With numerous areas of expertise, our team dedicates itself to the compassionate care of its patients by first establishing a trusting partnership with its clients.

Founded in 1960 the Hudson Veterinary Hospital Inc. is a pioneer in health care for animals. From one generation to the next, the veterinarians made sure to continue this high standard of care. The hospital has 5 veterinarians and 21 employees including 7 animal health technicians and a groomer. Our trained and qualified staff can help you with dietary, medical and surgical recommendations necessary for the welfare of your pet.

We are known for our compassion and personal touch. Our excellent diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical methods have earned us a loyal and trusting clientele. If you have any questions about our hospital or procedures, don’t hesitate to ask.

Our clients come from many cities and regions, including Hudson, Vaudreuil-Dorion, St-Lazare, Ile-Perrot, Beaconsfield, Kirkland, Baie d’Urfe, Pointe-Claire, Valleyfield, Les Cedres, Les Coteaux, Rigaud, St-Eugene, Hawkesbury, Alexandria, the West Island or Eastern Ontario.


Innovation. The team makes it a priority to remain at the cutting edge of knowledge and technical skills in the veterinary field through advanced training and professional development. These innovations are applied to the benefit of our patients.

Respect. Pets are provided with loving care. Furthermore, we adapt our services in order to obtain the best solution for our clients and our patients. Finally, the relationship with our clients and amongst our team members is based on honesty and respect.

Compassion. We listen to our customers and patients with empathy and dedicate ourselves to our community through our compassion.

Professionalism. We maintain the highest standards in veterinary medicine, and provide our services in a friendly and courteous manner.

  • “Innovating for 60 years, with love and expertise”
  • Innovate: We are constantly developing new services and are always looking for new interventions to better care for our patients.
  • 60 years: We continue to build on the solid foundation of excellent service established by our predecessors over the last 60 years.
  • Love: Love is demonstrated by our compassion for our patients, as well as the flexibility and support offered to our clients.
  • Expertise: Expertise is reflected in the high quality of our services

Fear Free ® Accredited

Our most recent accomplishment is Fear Free® accreditation of all of our technical team members. We were trained to identify signs of stress, the behavioural and medical approaches to reducing said stress as well as the role that each team member can take to achieve a happy pet visit. 

By working with you and your pet in a gentle and encouraging manner, we aim to reduce everyone’s stress when at the hospital, ensuring a calm, enjoyable, and effective visit. 

What does Fear Free mean for you and your pet? 

Veterinary visits can be laced with fear, anxiety and stress for all the players involved: you, your pet and even the veterinary team. Unfortunately, that means that we can’t always do the best for our patients, and being stressed means poorer health outcomes. So HVH decided to act: Welcome to our Fear Free® Hospital!

You choose the environment where everyone is comfortable: want to wait in the car? No problem, we can send you a text when the room is free.

We make sure your animal is comfortable by avoiding slippery, cold surfaces. In fact, most of the time and to the best of our ability, your companion’s examination and procedures will be performed in their comfort zone, even if that means on your lap!

Pheromones, aromatherapy and stress-relieving supplements are all a part of helping your pet have a fear-free experience. Noise reduction, soft music and choice of colours are all designed to promote a calming environment.

Our staff will guide you techniques at home, such as pre-visit preparations, while we make sure that our hospital is set up for your pet’s success. Make sure you bring your pet hungry, and bring along his or her favourite treats and toys: this is always a popular way to distract and reward.

How your animal reacts to our staff and hospital is important to us. We will keep a record of your pet’s reactions, body language and preferences so that we can continue to improve each future visit. We may even give you some homework to help us achieve our goal of a stress-free visit for you, your pet and our team!

Please call in to set up a pre-exam visit for you and your companion with one of our staff members. We will show you around the hospital, identify some of your pet’s stressors and suggest some at-home steps to prepare for the veterinary exam. Oh, and there might just be some treats and cuddles for your four-legged friend! 

For further information, please visit www.fearfreepets.com