6 Myths about cats!

By March 1, 2021 No Comments

Cats are mysterious creatures. They are often seen looking at an invisible creature, or galloping through the house in the middle of the night. Given all these funny behaviours, it is natural that a number of myths revolve around the phenomenon “cats”. Today we will refute some of these!

A cat can be left alone for several consecutive days.

Many owners are going on a trip for a few days, leaving behind a cat, its water bowl and a mountain of food! Although this seems like an economical solution, it is neither a good idea nor a safe idea for your cat. Cats may be more independent than our dogs, but they need to be cared for anyway. A cat that is left alone for long periods of time can develop health problems or become depressed. In short, if you have to be away for more than 24 hours, take the time to find someone who can come to see your cat and make sure everything is fine.

Milk is an ideal snack for your cat

This is a classic scene: a cat is offered a bowl of milk to lapping. Yet there is reason to think twice before making such a gesture. Most cats are lactose intolerant! Even if he eagerly milked his bowl of milk that does not mean that your cat will not be sick soon. Even if your cat tolerates lactose, milk remains a high-fat treat with few other nutritional values. It is better that you keep this treat for yourself, and that you offer something more suitable for your cat.

Cats cannot have heartworms

Unlike dogs, the cat is not the natural host of these worms. From this follows the following fact: the heartworm does not usually survive until adulthood. This does not mean, however, that cats cannot contract worms, or be seriously ill because of their presence. Another myth is that because the heartworm is transmitted by mosquitoes, many people believe that cats living indoors are protected. Anyone who has had a nighttime mosquito tour around the bed will be able to tell you that their presence in the house is not very rare and that consequently, these can cause harm to your cat. There is no approved drug for the treatment of heartworm in cats. The only option is prevention. Consult your veterinarian about preventative medications to be administered once a month to your cat to keep him healthy against this parasite.

A black cat is bad luck guaranteed!

This ancient superstition dates back to the time when black cats and witches were associated. In other cultures, however, the association with bad luck is reversed, and a black cat is rather considered a lucky charm! No matter, anyone with a black cat will tell you; they are beautiful and wonderful companions they have the chance to see evolve among them!

Cats cannot be trained …

Unlike their canine friends, cats are often classified as untrainable. After all, when was the last time you saw an ad for a kitty training course? But are cats really incapable of training? The truth is that cats (vs. dogs) are not so motivated by the praise they are given, and that they are less, by nature, in harmony with human behaviour. These are two important aspects of training that they do not have as much as dogs. In the end, it is still possible to learn tricks to his cat. It requires more time, patience and treats !!

Cats are solitaries who offer little affection

Cats are usually more independent than dogs, but every cat owner knows that their pet can bring them affection. They may need solitude for a while, but this does not exclude their search for love, affection, tenderness with you.